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Customer Testimonials


  • I believe your tea has changed my life.  And I've only been drinking it for about a week!  I'm thinkin I might need to order more from ya pretty soon!
    -Courtney T. 56, New York, NY


  • Absolutely love my teas!  Amazing as usual!  
    Thanks HerballYours!

    -Heather L. 47, Houston, TX


  • "HerballYours are so passionate about their work. 
    They provide a great product that the whole community can be proud of!"
    - Keeri, 39, Jamaica, NY


  • Their teas are organic and locally made. They research their combinations for the best variety. 
    Their varieties and flavor combinations are truly fabulous!
    -Diane B. 33, Miami, FL


  • This tea is absolutely amazing. I’m drinking a cup of the Brain/Memory Tea, no joke. It is delicious and helps with focus. I can't tell you how much I rely on these teas to help me get my homework done for class at all hours.                 -Tyson M 45, Brooklyn, NY


  • These teas are by far the most wholesome and delicious that I have ever tasted, and the approach that they take to their business is entirely in keeping with sustainable principles. 
    HerballYours is the exemplar of good local business.                                      -Mike F. 62, US. Virgin Islands


  • The teas have been incredible so far! I especially like Allergy Season Tea! It's so clarifying and invigorating! 
    I was astonished at how lucid I felt after drinking that tea...
    on a related note I will need to come get more of each tea very soon :)
    - Ben K. 38, Jamaica, NY


  • MY teas arrived Thursday. The new blends that I got, (Allergy Season Tea) 
    taste as if they could be the nectar of the gods! HerballYours Teas take tea to a whole new level of goodness! :) 
    Thank you,
    -Chris H. 35, Poughkeepsie, NY